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It was decided to go Putt Putt Golfing as this is the last chance, it closes forever in April. The property and all surrounding has been sold to developers, so this is the end of an era.

For Putt Putt's Australian pioneer, and head of the family business, Tom Wykoff, it is time to let go."Everybody's played Putt Putt," Mr Wykoff said. "I can't talk to a soul in Australia who hasn't."

Tom Wykoff built the Ermington Putt Putt course in 1969.  Mr Wykoff's Putt Putt journey began in South Africa in the 1960s.


"There was nothing to do in South Africa except go to the movies," he recalled, "…so I decided I'd open up an American Putt Putt course."

So he left his position at Chrysler and its hefty bonus, and pursued his Putt Putt dream.

After purchasing the legal rights to "Putt Putt", a brand name for miniature golf, he introduced it to South Africa, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), South-West Africa (now Namibia), New Zealand and Australia. So this is really the end of an era, and it will be great to have a last putt putt…….

VENUE:  Putt Putt Golf, Cnr Victoria Rd and Wharf Rd, Ermington 2114 GPS: 1226 Victoria Rd, Ermington.

TIME: 10:30 at Venue for 11am start.

COST: $8 per game, bring more if more games wanted. $10 bus fare, plus lunch money.

We will eat lunch at either MacDonalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken, as per choice of person, as they are both opposite Putt Putt, so take enough for what you enjoy, plus coffees and drinks.

Please let Janne know ASAP if you need transport, on 0432 570 210 or

There will be two buses running this time, we have solved the loss of VA bus with commercial hiring, but we also need to start charging a bus fare again, we used to charge $5 and then let it go, but now must charge $10 to help cover hiring and fuel. I guess this is not so much considering we pick up from people’s homes and take back home again, and NDIS funding will cover this in Transport costs, as people receive their funding.


ABLE AUSTRALIA Deafblind Camp at Forest Edge

Neerim South, Victoria
Friday 24 - Sunday 26 February 2017
Includes a Disney Character Theme Party on Saturday night.
For more information contact Gary Daly on
CAMP FEE: Deafblind Campers only - $120


It’s DB Retreat time!  The DeafBlind Retreat will be held from Sunday, August 27 to Saturday, September 2, 2017 at Seabeck Conference Center in Seabeck, Washington.
There are 3 choices: full week, 1st half, or 2nd half.  We are excited to have an awesome time and we hope you can join us!
Application:  If you are receiving this via e-mail, please send an email asking for the application E-Form.

Please fill out forms completely.  Include as much information about your needs and preferences as possible; it really helps us!
Please send back your application as soon as possible. 
The deadline to apply is March 14th (postmarked). 
Our Acceptance Committee will meet in late March. 
We will let you know by April 27th if you are accepted or on the wait list. 
If you are accepted we’ll send you another set of forms with more information. 
Costs this year:  $375 full week (Sunday – Saturday); $225 for 1st half week (Sunday - Wednesday) or 2nd half week (Wednesday – Saturday). 
Do not send any money now.
Volunteer DB Staff:  We have a limited number of volunteer staff positions for the DeafBlind community.  If you are interested, please contact us for an application.  We will review all applications and offer the positions to the DeafBlind people who have the skills we need.
We are always looking for new DB participants! If you are a member of a DB organization in your home state, please contact us and give us the name and address of the organization so we will send a copy of application.
Help us recruit Volunteer Interpreters!   Do you know someone who would be a good Volunteer-Interpreter for the Retreat?  Do they have good communication skills, guiding skills, and a great attitude?  If you think they’d be interested, please give us their name and address, or ask them to contact us!
Additional information: We have cut a lot of information from our application to save paper and space. If you’d like more information on any of these topics please contact us and we’ll be happy to send it to you!

Wait List Policy
DB Acceptance Process
DB Volunteer Staff Application
Retreat Interpreter-Guide Qualifications
Retreat Interpreter-Guide SSP Training
Floyd Pitre Scholarship Application
Dog Guide Policy
Sick Policy
Visitor Policy and Application
Developmentally Disabled DB participants Information
If you have any questions about the Retreat, please email at  All our contact information is below.
Also visit us at our website:
We can’t wait to have an awesome retreat together this August!
DeafBlind Retreat Team
E-mail application to:
DeafBlind Program at Lighthouse for the Blind

Sarah K. McMillen    OR
(206) 452-7936



September 5-8, 2017 Aalborg, Denmark
Theme: Touch of closeness – maintaining social connectedness

At the deafblind summit  in Lille in 2013, the main conclusion was that the two “sides of deafblindness” need to interact and learn more of each other. There is a need to look at the commonalities across deafblindness and to relate the knowledge of acquired deafblindness and congenital deafblindness to each other in such a way that one completes the other.

In planning this conference we have collaborated with ADBN to deal with this duality. The conference will reflect this exciting interaction. We anticipate in holding a conference of high quality and of relevance to parents, people living with deafblindness and professionals of both acquired and congenital deafblindness



Myuna Bay Sport & Rec Camp, Lower Hunter, NSW
Friday 27-29th October 2017
Watch Rainbow News for more information in early 2017.



To be held in Spain 20-27 June 2018
- 5th WFDB General Assembly 21-22 June 2018
- 11th Helen Keller World Conference 24-26 June 2018
- Celebration of Deafblind Day 27 June 2018



Hosted by Able Australia, the 17th Deafblind International World Conference will be held on the Gold Coast, Australia on 12-16 August 2019.

Mark this date in your diary and watch this space as we continue to add more information about what's on, where to go and what to expect.

In the meantime, if you need to know anything please send an email to