DeafBlind Association (NSW)

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Vision and goals

Our Vision

A world where people affected by Deafblindness are accepted as part of the community and able to reach their full potential. 

 Our Purpose

We champion the wellbeing of people affected by deafblindness and strive to ensure that their rights and access to services and the broader community are strengthened and protected through our support and advocacy. 

Our Values

¨     Act with good intent

¨     Focus on strengths

¨     Promote collaborative and inclusive practice and innovation

¨     Embrace diversity

¨     Work respectfully

Our Goals

1: We develop and deliver quality services that have a positive impact for people with deafblindness

2: We will be a viable and effective organisation, delivering high quality services that people affected by deafblindness need, want and can purchase through the NDIS

3: We will continuously review how we work to ensure we are always improving our practices and the quality of the services we provide and comply with legal requirements and industry standards

 4: We are a sustainable and dynamic organisation