DeafBlind Association (NSW)

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Deafblind Association (NSW) Inc is a registered NDIS Provider

Organisation ID: 4050022433

A lot has happened with NDIS since it finally launched in Sydney in late 2016. Overall it will be fantastic, but like any new initiative it will take time to perfect. Many people have already had their plan reviewed to reflect their needs. Some people have had it long enough to have their 1st annual review, hopefully to better reflect their needs, but Advocacy from DBA(NSW) is essential to make sure that the persons conducting the interview understand deafblindness.

Ever since NDIS was announced several years ago, DeafBlind Association NSW has been working hard on several fronts. What has been achieved.

  1. ·       The NDIA has developed a new category for Deafblind people. You were previously noted as having Blindness or Deafness as your major disability. It is important when being reviewed that Deafblindness is noted as primary disability, which provides for better funding for Commguides, also interpreters where needed.
  2. ·       Commguides are a new category of Support Workers for Deafblind people, across Australia, to provide appropriate access to Inclusion in the general community.
  3. ·       When your NDIS needs to be reviewed, NDIA will handle it directly when the LAC is advised that you are Deafblind.
  4. ·       DeafBlind Association has been granted some funding as an ILC Organisation (Information, Linkages & Capacity Building), it was one of the first 38 organisations in Australia to receive this, and the only Deafblind Service. It is designed to help Deafblind people achieve Inclusion, and we are conducting Focus Meetings for all Members, every second month to work on this.
  5. ·       Our Development Coordinator, Shel O’Toole is working hard within the General Community to achieve Linkages and increasing Information about deafblindness, as well as building the Capacity of other organisations to meet the needs of Deafblind people.

We suggest that you keep DBA in touch with your NDIS planning.